Faith Formation

 Youth Faith Formation sessions are cancelled until further notice 



Ideas for Formation at Home:

** Use the 'Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families' from Fall's Parent Packets - it has the Sunday gospel, a short reflection and a couple discussion questions
** Saints: Kids can research saints who have their name (middle,family)... find a patron an interest (sports... hunting...)
** Pray the Rosary: Kids can research different rosary prayers and intentions for them (or create their own)
** Grab your Bible (or read online) & read a Gospel story, from Acts, daily readings or the psalms (try 23 & 121...)
** Find & Download a Faith App:   Apps-Faith (Abbreviated List)  or  Apps-Faith (Description List)
** Service!! - What can you do? Call/reach out to neighbors, older people... write & mail notes... share T.P. ...get creative!
** Play Mass!!   Write a skit for a Bible story, gather props from around the house and perform!
** Create a game/board game to share at church 



Click:   Watch Mass Online - CatholicTV        or      Watch Mass Online  
Click:  (great article)  How Families can make the most of Mass at home
Click: Strategies to Help Cope while under Quarantine




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