Faith Formation Volunteers


The Parishes of St. Theresa and St. Kunegunda have many ministries and programs! If you're looking for ways to be involved, check this page often to find volunteer opportunities, stay tuned to our parish bulletin and fill out the form below. 

Not sure how you want to be involved? It might be a good idea to spend some time in prayer and reflection. You might ask yourself the following questions to get started: 

  • Why do I want to volunteer? What do I expect to get out of volunteering? 
  • What gifts, talents, special skills, and life or work experiences do I have to offer? 
  • What is my schedule and availability? How many hours a week or month am I able to commit?
  • What forms of work do I enjoy most? Perhaps being involved in liturgy, prayer, or music; office or administrative work; outreach and advocacy; manual labor, arts and crafts; event organizing; visiting the sick; history and research; teaching or public speaking; working with children or young adults...? 
  • Do I like working in big groups, small groups, or independently? Do I prefer to be front and center or in the background?

These questions are not exhaustive, but the idea is to prayerfully consider your desires and abilities. Volunteer work can be immensely fulfilling, and can afford one with profound experiences and tremendous spiritual and personal growth. The key is finding meaningful work that speaks to the calling of God in your heart. 


Volunteer Your Time in Our Parishes

Perferred Parish to Serve In
St. KunegundaSt. Theresa
Preferred Method of Communication
Tell us a little something about yourself, your strengths and the ministry you think you may want to serve in:


Any volunteers who work with friends who are under 18 are required to complete Safe Environment Training. To learn more about the Safe Environment policy in our Diocese, or to complete the training please click the link below:

Safe Environment Information for those who work with children