Staff Member: Bev Thomas

Bev Thomas

Parish Secretary
Phone: 715-479-8704
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My Mom, Bev Thomas
Around St. Peter’s there are many jobs being upheld, and upholding those jobs are many people. These people are nice, considerate, energetic people and despite everything they all have a smile on their face because they love what they do. One person that fits that description is my mom, Bev Thomas. Bev is the secretary. She’s in the office every Tuesday through Friday.
Bev is into all types of crafting and is an excellent cake decorator. Bev has done so many cakes that are just gorgeous, that she keeps getting request after request. Bev has worked with many different techniques and tools to make some amazing cakes. She actually gets her love of baking from her mother who could make most anything.
Bev also is a mother of two: a stunning 13-year-old, Kennedy and an athletic 10-year-old, Lexi. She is married to the owner of Sullivan Appraisal Services and music-lover, Chris Thomas.
Bev also cooks dinner and is a catechist for Faith Formation sessions on Wednesdays. She is a Sacristan, Eucharistic minister, and Lector on the weekends. Her family also partakes in roles around the church, such as finance council, serving, children’s liturgy, and DoNut Sunday.
Bev is a strong, intelligent and talented person, with a great family backing her up. Bev loves doing selfless acts such as this for the good of others, or in this case the good of the church. [by Kennedy Thomas]

Photo of Bev Thomas