COVID-19 Resource Page

Here are websites/connections to help us continue to deepen our faith while we are limited in our physical contact with one another:

** Catholic Mass on TV and Online featured by CatholicTV Online (from Notre Dame and National Shrine in Washington:     or

** FORMED - An amazing amount of online resources (videos, books, movies, programs...). They are offering 40 days of free access (you may already have an account through our parish cluster). If you don't already have an account, here are the steps:

          i.   go to:   FORMED (thru Augustine Institute) 

          ii.  click the third option:  'I belong to a parish or organization'

          iii. enter our parish (cluster) code:  WV4RVY                                            

          iv. click on 'St Theresa of Avila, Three Lakes, WI' (we are registered under this parish) 

          v.  Enter you name. Enter your email.  

          vi. Enjoy!!

          * The next time you go to ***…*** click 'Sign In' in the upper right corner ***… *** Enter your email   ***…*** They will email you a link to connect to In that email, click the link. Enjoy!

** our U.S.  Bishops (USCCB) now have a designated Covid-19 page:  USCCB-Coronavirus COVID-19

Pope Franics' Urbi et Orbi blessing and prayer service for the world from Covid-19, it's beautiful!!:    Pope Francis' Urbi et Orbi prayer service and blessing